Westbrook Mountain

A north-south running ridge in the northern half of Norvin Green State Forest

Jesse Fried • Jun 14, 2017

Clad in power lines, Westbrook Mountain, or Long Hill, is a north-south oriented ridge in the northern half of Norvin Green State Forest. It has a few viewpoints along it. One, from a power line clearing, offers some western views towards Bearfort Mountain. Another is a panorama east from natural rock ledge, encompassing Big Beech mountain to the north, Harriman State Park and the Ramapos to the Northeast, High Mountain and the NYC skyline to the east, and the Watchung Mountains to the southeast. White Pines are found along the ridge, with red cedar in the rocky places. Shagbark Hickory and Black Oak grow on the slopes, with Red Maple and Sugar Maple near streams. Tulip Poplar is sprinkled in. A huge swamp east of the ridge has some rhododendron.