Route 46

  • Sep 20, 2019

Route 46 crosses the northern part of the state from East to West, from the George Washington Bridge to the Delaware Water Gap. It is an old highway, functionally replaced by I-80, which now parallels it. Concrete dividers and narrow lanes give it a quaint early 20th century feeling in some spots. Sprawling shopping districts can be found along much of its length. In the western portion o our state, it becomes a two lane rural highway. It is slower but incomparably more revealing of local character than I-80, a common dynamic.

    Some features include:
  • The old approach to the George Washington Bridge through Palisades Park and Fort Lee, predating I-95, still a good shortcut.
  • In Garfield, it is home to Steve's Burgers
  • In Parsippany, it hosts an interesting and deeply suburban strip of Chinese and Indian restaurants, which my parents will drive for 30 minutes to enjoy.
  • In Warren County, it follows the beautiful, rushing Pequest River for many miles as it approaches the Delaware. Here can be found some impressive farmstands, kitchy restaurants, and run-down tourist infrastructure. The general look is "frozen in time 50 years ago," roughly corresponding to the period when they built I-80, a much more boring road.