Route 27

Jesse Fried • Jun 14, 2017

A component of the fan of state roads spreading out from NJ's urban core the hinterland to the north, west, and south, NJ State Route 27 takes a SSE trajectory, paralleling the infamous US-1 and the Northeast Corridor rail line, through some of the most important cities and towns of the state.

Like the NJ Transit Northeast Corridor, it passes through Newark, Elizabeth, Linden, Rahway, Metropark, Metuchen, Edison, New Brunswick, then some sprawl. It ends in downtown Princeton at US-206, another great Jersey road.

With the Parkway and the Turnpike not far away, and many other roads to choose from in the area, Route 27 has generally outlived its usefulness as a through road, becoming, in some places, more of a typical NJ shopping highway.

Around Edison, it is home to a great many proud and shining strip malls, some of whose businesses reflect the substantial Chinese and Korean immigrant populations of the area. Incredible authentic Chinese food can be had here (and probably Korean food too, though the author can only gastrically confirm the former), in an environment much more reminiscent of a Panera than a Chinatown.

The famous enclave of South Indian businesses in Islen is not primarily on Route 27, but it is very close by.