Jesse Fried • Jun 14, 2017

Located at the southern tip of Bergen County, Lyndhurst is a dense town near some heavily industrialized areas. It exhibits a very Jersey pattern of development that is neither strictly urban nor suburban: detached houses, but on small lots covered with more concrete than grass, and few large buildings around. While its location is very central - no more than a 20 minute drive from Jersey City or Newark - it is not immediately adjacent to any genuinely urban area. It contrasts with Rutherford, its neighbor to the north, which is a more upscale communter suburb. On an areal photo, they are continuous square grid of streets, but Rutherford is much more green.

It's the kind of place, a native of the town explained to me, where it appears that everyone is related. There are a couple of well-known Lyndhurst families that pretty much everyone in the town has some connection to. This social stability is in striking contrast with typical commuter suburbs. How Lyndhurst maintains this almost small-town vibe in spite of being one of the first stops on NJ Transit's Main line is a mystery to me, but I might guess that its humble housing stock, density and grit fail to excite upper middle class home buyers.

New Jersey Italian-American culture seems to flourish in the town, which I believe to be predominantly white.

Lyndhurst and some of the neighboring towns went for Trump in the 2016 Presidential election.