Kendall Park

Max Miller • Aug 19, 2019

Kendall Park is an unincorporated community within the township of South Brunswick. Although South Brunswick and the Brunswicks in general are worthy of their own series of articles, I only feel qualified to write about Kendall Park, having visited the area briefly.

A friend and I chose to go to Kendall Park to eat dinner at a particular restaurant. We had both been to the original location of this restaurant, in Edison, and we wanted to see if this second location was of similar quality. (It was)

On our approach from the southwest, I noticed a number of signs for a housing development in Kendall Park, advertising homes "in the low $700s." Once we crossed into Kendall Park, we observed a large plot of identical mini-mansions built in close proximity to each other, ostensibly the development in question. Indeed, this is following in Kendall Park tradition, as I later read that Kendall Park was named after "Herbert Kendall, who built a planned community of 1,500 houses between 1956 and 1961." (Wikipedia)

Kendall Park is bounded by State Routes 27 and 1. Between, it seems to be mostly suburban homes, but Route 27 is lined by strip malls and shopping plazas. Like many of its suburban NJ brethren, it is a decidedly pedestrian unfriendly "downtown," if you can call it that.

As you might have guessed, the restaurant we went to happened to be of South Asian cuisine. My friend and I, having never been to Kendall Park, were curious -- is Kendall Park another "Little India" of New Jersey? The answer, quite emphatically, is yes. While these Kendall Park strip malls may once have been otherwise, they are now filled by stores of South Asian services, including restaurants, butchers, tailors, etc. As of the 2010 Census, Kendall Park was 25% Asian, and I can imagine that percentage has only grown since then.

By the way, the restaurant, Moghul Express, is great, and warrants a visit.

Still Growing
Jesse Fried
Aug. 19, 2019, 9:37 p.m.

I am always kind of shocked to hear how much new development there is in this region, because I would assume that it was already all built up. Seems not at all to be the case. Thanks for the intel.