Max Miller • Sep 12, 2019

I had certainly never heard of the town of Frenchtown before visiting there. Afterwards I mentioned to my mom that I went there, and she knew of it, which surprised me. So maybe it is famous beyond its borders? Who knows.

Due to its being one terminus of the Delaware + Raritan Canal Trail, Frenchtown may receive a larger-than-expected number of visitors from out of town. I say this because Frenchtown was much nicer than I would have guessed, based on the area. It is located in farm country, through and through, but Frenchtown seemed like an enlightened, bougie suburban town you might find elsewhere in the state. There was a bike shop with a lot of bikes parked outside, a vegan cafe and grill, and a new barbecue restaurant being constructed. An Orthodox Jewish family was spotted, entering the bike shop. One store had a French flag (perhaps ironically) flying outside.

Perhaps my surprise at finding Frenchtown so nice betrays my urban bias. There are nice enlightened people out in rural areas too! Although, Frenchtown does seem to be extremely white.

Frenchtown is served by the Uhlerstown-Frenchtown Bridge, which crosses the Delaware into Pennsylvania. On the western side of the U-F Bridge, you're instantly plunged back into farm country, with cornfields and farmstands all around.