East Orange

Jesse Fried • Jun 14, 2017

East Orange sits right in the middle of Essex County, between the City of Newark to the south and east, the suburbs of Glen Ridge and Bloomfield to the north, and the small "city" of Orange to the west. In terms of residential development, it is in a transitional zone between urban and suburban. It has everything from nice suburban neighborhoods to big high-rise apartment buildings, to old urban houses in poor states of repair - what I would call "Urban/Suburban" on my land use map.

Socially, too, East Orange reflects this urban/subrban transition. According to a resident I spoke to recently, the town is divided such that neighborhoods north of Park Ave., closer to Essex County's suburban reaches, are relatively nice and middle class, while south of Park Ave. are poorer neighborhoods facing similar difficulties to some parts of nearby Newark and Irvington. Apparently, until recently there were two high schools - one pretty good school in the northern part of town and another struggling with violence and other urban high school type problems in the southenr part. They recently combined on the campus of the now defunct Upsala College.

NJ Transit's Morris and Essex line has two stations there: East Orange and Brick Church. Interstate 280 runs through the town, right alongside the train line.