Coastal Plain

Jesse Fried • Jun 14, 2017

Sediment from the Atlantic Ocean, deposited when sea levels were higher, rests on top of the subterrenian remains of old, sunken, worn-down mountains.

There is one fairly dramatic boundary within the Costal Plain. The Inner Coastal Plain, whose sediments are relatively older and more consolidated, is home to some of Central and Southern NJ's most fertile farmland. The Outer Coastal Plain seems to be a lot of dry sand. You can see on a map that the farmland peters out at their border. The Outer Plain is one of the least developed regions of NJ (Atlantic City and other shore resorts being an exception), home to the notorious Pine Barrens. The inner/outer distinction appears to become less sharp in the extreme southern part of NJ which I know very little about.

The region's flatness and sandiness accounts for our coastlines of broad bays surrounded by salt marshes, separated from the ocean waves by extensive dune-covered barrier islands.