Cape May Lewis Ferry

Past and Present

Jesse Fried • Jun 14, 2017

What happens to the Garden State parkway when it gets to the bottom of New Jersey, exit 1? The tailbone at the base of the spine, if you will?As if unfased by the land's subsidence beneath the waters of Delaware Bay, the Parkway's engineers direct vehicles on board a car ferry. The ferry's route crosses the entire bay, and disgorges its human and vehicular cargo at Lewis, Deleware, just west of Cape Henlopen.Unfortunately for travellers to and from all points but the southernmost counties of NJ, it is faster to journey to or from Delaware and points South by crossing the comparatively boring - though still beautiful - Delaware Memorial Bridge, via the NJ Turnpike. However I've always wanted to take the Cape May-Lewis Ferry, just for fun. I almost did once when driving up from Maryland's Atlantic coast, but it wasn't practical.