Buttermilk Falls

Jesse Fried • Sep 16, 2018

Why are so many waterfalls called Buttermilk Falls? The comparison between white water and dairy products is easy enough to see, but why not simply milk, or cream, or yogurt for that matter?

In any case, this instance of Buttermilk Falls is a good one. It descends a very sleep lower, west-facing slope of Kitatinny Ridge all the way to the flat floor of the valley of Flat Brook. The area around the falls has lush vegetation. I noticed Spicebush which is always a good sign. Above the falls is a hemlock-lined ravine. Continuing up the mountain the hemlocks are replaced by northern hardwoods. A trail ascends all the way to the ridgeline.

When the Kitatinny Ridge is viewed from the west from some fields in the area of Walpack, NJ, this steep ravine and a few nearby ones to the north make cool parallel indentations in the steep mountainside.

There's a parking lot by the falls and it's very easily accessible.