A Note About the Poconos

Not in NJ but important to mention

Jesse Fried • Jun 15, 2017

Suburban development has taken hold in Pennsylvania's Pocono region much more so than in Northern NJ's adjacent rural counties, despite the latter's relative closeness to the metropolis. I'm not sure why - it could have to do with zoning, land values, land use history, or other factors. It seems that widely spaced McMansions are more common surrounding the small rural towns of NJ, while denser more genuinely suburban developoments tend to spring up in northeastern Pennsylvania's woodlands.

One hears stories about two-hour morning and evening Martz bus rides, with the essential need for a back-up city sleeping option. These Pennsylvania residents may be the Tri-state area's commuting champions. The exceptionally grueling commute appears to be worth it because you and all your relatives can get nice houses on the same street for relatively cheap compared to inflated suburban prices. And so social and economic factors push the suburbs ever outwards